Equipotential color-coding

Last week on Twitter  posted a picture on equipotential color-coding for electric circuits.


I liked it, and a short discussion followed.   directed us to PASCO CASTLE kit where this idea is described. Please, be aware that their description has a physical error: using hydrodynamic analogy, they claim that all points of the same color have the same static pressure. This is not true. Just drop their explanation completely and use equal levels of gravitational potential energy instead.

Today I tried this method in my classes for review of electric current. It did work well, and many students liked the idea.  I added energy diagram that also clarified some details and, hopefully, will help me, when it comes to atomic energy levels.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)

Overall, I believe that this method works for establishing in students’ heads universal energy/ law of conservation of energy idea.


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